Red Dead Redemption 2 VS Far Cry 6 — Details Comparison (2018 VS 2021)

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? Red Dead Redemption 2 VS Far Cry 6 - Details Comparison (2018 VS 2021)

PC Specs:
Corsair 280x
MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge AC
I5 9600K
MSI RTX 2070
Corsair Vengeance 16GB RAM
Corsair RM750X


► Details comparison between Red Dead Redemption 2 and Far Cry 6

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? Funny & Brutal Moments

? First Person Epic Gameplay

?? Saloon Fights

? The Bow


? Note: These videos are not meant to show any kind of violence in real life. The only purpose is to show videogames gameplay and its mechanics. Everything is fictional.

10 комментов

  1. Les Errors
    Rdr2 in sideAnd all other games in other sidePs : even all of that u didnt play rdr2 at max settings i think(water physicd/glass reflection...)
  2. Don’t read my channel profile picture
    Rdr2 is still in first place
  3. con
    I’ve been loving far cry 6 so far but nothing tops RDR2
  4. callmeSENPAI
    Some people make games for gamers some for money
  5. its me
    It’s pointless to compare games to rdr2. The only game that will beat rdr2 is the next gta or next rdr
  6. VanDerZ 101
    Rdr2 horse: Leaps having faith in its master and diesFarcry horse: Fuck you I ain't going in there
  7. Dylan Walker
    Number 1 rdr2 is on pc if your not blind number 2 it's only came out November 2019 1 year old and ubisoft doesn't have as much money as rockstar so u rockstar fans are WRONG

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