Remothered : Broken Porcelain FULL GAME | PS4Pro | No Commentary Livestream

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SHN Rating for Remothered Broken Porcelain ?? The game is a broken mess. It’s in serious need of fixes! Unacceptable to release it in this way. This was only released now to cash in on Halloween Season!

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10 комментов

  1. SHN Survival Horror Network
    Watch the PC version in 4K 60fps with Patch installed here ! the Game looks a lot better on PC
  2. Shawn Wick
    53:40-53:50 Was that you teabagging Andrea, making sure she was dead or both? LOL
  3. Robiluc
    Why is this game getting that much hate? ? i played both games... and i think they were both really good!
  4. JasonKatt
    1:13:21 now if only someone could make a game of the movie The Shining. , with maybe kack chaing you as you hall ass to hide, lol would be awesome.
  5. Elizabeth Lovett
    @SHN Survival Horror Network I've been looking for a solution that I can't find anywhere and I hope you can answer my question as I can't progress in Broken Porcelain otherwise:What does the ->| symbols mean? I assumed it meant the tab button but I can't figure it out. I'm trying to unlock the phone to make a call for the first time and I have they key to unlock it. I pressed other keys it could be. I hate how the info tutorials in gameplay displays the button symbol but rather than how it's shown on the keyboard (at least on mine) and my controls menu is no help. Had to figure out how to walk to because they didn't say that in the controls menu. What is going on? What is ->| and how do I use the phone? Please HELP.
  6. Vanesa Sanchez
    Teabagging is more precious after a revenge or killing your biggest enemy...
  7. Pretty Naughty FX
    seems like the moth eye won't deactivate so I could run towards her, so I keep having her get caught.

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