Teamers get OWNED by a POTATO | Murder Mystery 2 | ROBLOX

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In this video, I come across some teamers who rage quit, were hypocritical, and some teamers who got owned by a potato.

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0:00 Intro.
0:04 1st clip. / Teamers rage quit.
3:35 2nd clip. / Teamer acts hypocritical.
5:19 3rd clip. / Teamers get owned by a potato.
8:37 Outro.

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  1. L’élite de la nation
    Since I'm French I'm disappointed by their actions
  2. adriane hin
    Evebordy say go cry and scared they are scaredSo they camping and also teaming
  3. DWEAM
    Tho proves teamers can go cry to there mom for losing to a potato
  4. eason chuah
    But i mad slender but in bedwars you know i say go back da hood then how i did know beacuse selnder have play da hood

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