BIRTH To *DEATH* Of My DREAM PET In Adopt Me Roblox… Roblox Adopt Me SAD MOVIE *GONE WRONG*

Jeffo sees the birth to death of my dream pet in adopt me roblox in this roblox adopt me sad movie gone wrong. In this adopt me update today I hatch all halloween pets and 100 adopt me mythic eggs to get free adopt me pets. I also make the rarest mega pets like the legendary mega goldhorn and mega mummy cat. In this adopt me roblox video, adopt me update hacks are used and adopt me hacks are used to get the best adopt me trades possible and to unlock the adopt me halloween update early. I find every adopt me giveaway and adopt me pet that I have like a kirin and merhorse! After watching more adopt me tik toks to find adopt me tiktok hacks, I look like a poor noob and scammers hack my account in an adopt me flex battle! Maybe an adopt me scammer will challenge me to an adopt me flex off rematch.

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Roblox adopt me trading with jeffo roblox! My family friendly adopt me channel has a daily adopt me giveaway. Jeffo plays adopt me roblox by doing adopt me trading challenges, testing adopt me hacks, and doing adopt me roleplay adventures. Watch jeffo adopt me to get your favorite mega neon adopt me pets from adopt me trades. Look for the latest adopt me update in my roblox adopt me videos, or help me in testing adopt me tiktok hacks and reacting to adopt me tiktoks. Jeffo and jaci might do a funny adopt me reaction, adopt me rich vs poor challenge, adopt me trade challenge, or even a daily adopt me give away!

Subscribe and join the fruit loops family to enter the daily adopt me giveaway and to play adopt me with jeffo roblox and chimken!

Roblox channels I love: mackenzie turner roblox, iamsanna, calixo roblox adventures, flamingo, lankybox, itsfunneh, meganplays, roplex gaming, fishyblox and leah ashe.

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  1. Jeffo — Roblox
    Remember to ✨SUBSCRIBE ✨To WIN the ?*CHICKEN* ? GIVEAWAY ?!!
  2. John Tyler B-Wenceslao
    my user name is Cool_boi0215 i joined your group too!
  3. lance cedrick pombo
    my user is lance14pombo3 and i love your vid and i sub can i have the chicken plz i sub
  4. Aryan Kapoor
    I liked, subscribed and my username is unstopable6780. Jeff I just love you!
  5. Leila Shelina R. Umandal
    Jeffo i really need ur help plss. somebody just scammed my neon unicorn, frost dragon and more shes a girl and her name is Poor_gurl Im not sure if thats her name she unfriend me. She just wanted a trust trade and i go first, I added all my pet and comfirmed it and she just left im begging her to give me my pets back she said "hahahahahahaha loser loser poor loser' that and im tryna get to her but she left the game plsss help me she got my metal ox, ginger cat, neon unicorn, neon frost dragon, 2 fly ride golden penguins, 2 fly ride crow and neon fly ride dog☹☹?? plss jeffo reply me if u can help meeee plssssssssss ????plssssssss
  6. Buggy Deguzman
    Chimken Is really A Legendary Rarer than Shadow Dragon

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