Roblox BUT Every Second You Get +1 Block

Roblox BUT Every Second You Get +1 Block
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This is a Every second I get something Roblox Game. In this game every second I get +1 block. Build Your Tower Up To Space! Click To Build Your Tower Faster! The Goal of this roblox game is to build the biggest tower or structure and reach space. You can also auto click like clicker simulator to gain more blocks per second. The blocks are very similar to minecraft blocks for some reason. Buying pets also gives you more blocks per second and the better the pet is the more blocks you get. If you buy or hatch the best pet then you will get the most blocks possible. Can I build the biggest tower in this Roblox Game?

I’m a member of the Roblox Influencer Program and I may receive some perks and benefits from Roblox

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  1. ace just for laughs
    Gravy I’m a huge fan but can I have thx I’m not using u it’s just that I really want huges in pet sim x can u do 10k rbx pls and keep up the great work!

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