Roblox Roleplayers in a nutshell

For today's content I will be teaching you guys about a large group of Roblox players known as Roblox Roleplayers. I will basically talk about what I know about Roblox Roleplayers as a "veteran roleplayer", and I will edit and format the video to be a funny moment/meme styled video so you guys don't get bored. Just talking would literally make this a school lesson and I don't want that.

If you've played Roblox for a while, you've probably seen a few of these "Roblox Roleplayers" around. They are characterized either by hilariously edgy roleplay, or comedically bad roleplay. Some of them are actually good at it though so mad respect to them for that I guess. However, because I'm aware of the "learning style" you guys prefer to be taught through, I've as usual organized this entire video into a meme funny moment esk video. Enjoy!

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Roblox Roleplayers in a nutshell

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7 комментов

  1. ●YourNormalDarkAltraxFan●
    His uploads never disappoint me
  2. TotallyIdsc
    Glad I don’t play Roleplay games, Also his videos don’t seem to disappoint me now
  3. zeptolocked
    lol i feel like the knives are very acurate to britan stabbins are very common :/
  4. Steek-Mün
    Another problem with roleplaying is that if you're doing a fighting RP, they'll say things like *kIllS yOu* or something totally unfair that ruins the roleplay.

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