Toxic Teamers get BEATEN by a FISH | Murder Mystery 2 | ROBLOX

#Roblox #mm2 #Robloxfunnymoments

In this video, I beat some teamers as a fish.

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  1. Ghostie The ghost
    Imagine having a team but still got beaten by a fish
  2. Kh Roblox
    I like that man I want to be friend him I am kids but I help him NO TEAMI HATE TEAM never to go team for ever
  3. Stampergoeroe Ric
    These two in the second clip are DutchBut they had very bad spelling
  4. Stinky Sock
    "This is what the teamers look like"Oh,so that's how they look like after spending their penny sized brain at the black market for robux
  5. StikMan
    Fun Fact: If your gonna team just to collect coins, do this in a private server where you wont ruin everyone’s fun
  6. Noah Ollivierre
    ay yo a level 1000 that isn’t toxic/doesn’t team

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