? TEXT TO SPEECH ? We Made Friends with a Toxic Bacon ?‍❤️‍?‍?

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? TEXT TO SPEECH ? We Made Friends with a Toxic Bacon ?‍❤️‍?‍?

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????? ???? ✰
Hay peachy squad! So in this video I am going to be Very Easy Parkour Obby while showing you guys some viral tiktok story times! So just sit back and relax and enjoy the video ?
If you want to share a story to get it featured at the beginning of my videos or in any fan/storytime videos comment down below or send it to my social media/email

You can also send fanart through there as well and I’ll try and feauture it if i get more than one.

Wanna send me business proposals? Contact: xuanluongvn@gmail.com

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What app do I use to edit my videos? InShot!
How do I make my thumbnails? Using PicsArt!

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Roblox- Lucatragg
TikTok- @LucaTragg

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( lol I added a lot of tags this time )?

Also we hit 3k subscribers!! I’m so thankful ☺️♥️

6 комментов

  1. farahfayyaz 895
    Luca I want to ask u something why ur dress as bacon?
  2. Kaiser Quin Bellen
    It is so funny and so sad I love your videos
    I like your videos they are really funny and really fun to watch keep it up!!
  4. BigToe_811
    Ok so this is the thing gloria is get fake bully and fake cries and she said ugly at she even she is in real life Epic logic of this story
  5. Milk
    I kinda feelbbad for gloria...James,Dont take revenge on people bEcause what happens,comes back to u.

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