I asked FREESTYLERS to invent NEW mechanics in Rocket League… Here’s what happened

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New mechanics in Rocket League are incredibly difficult to find since players have been pushing the game's limits since 2015. I asked some of the world's best freestylers to invent new mechanics and the results were amazing. The clips I got back were montage-worthy and I would have never expected so many submissions. Which new Rocket League mechanic is your favorite?

Check out some of the freestylers from this video!
@Brutal Panther
@Nixus Josh

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0:00 Intro
0:55 Ad
2:04 The Pinch Setup
2:59 Air Turtle
3:53 The Scoop Flick
4:30 Preflip Flick
5:11 Turtle Pinch
5:43 Cogo
6:23 Sus
7:20 Heli Flick
8:08 The Handkerchief
8:56 Reverse Double Jump Wall Pop
9:26 The Thing Pop

Co-editor: @Sir Classy

Production Music: m

Thumbnail Artist: t

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10 комментов

  1. Striped
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  2. Trevor Eagar
    Scoop flick should be called thr stingpop flick, since its kinda a uncontrolled stingpop
  3. zifee mayne
    damn pinch setup be in every diamond lobby cuz no one can kuxir.
  4. Jordan Foster
    Okay I hate to be that guy but I’ve literally been doing the ballsack for like a month now. Everytime I go into a tourney lobby and sit there for 2 minutes… you can bet your ass I’m ballsacking.The way you do it is get stalled on your nose. Using your boost to drive yourself into the ground is the best way. After that, you lean forward and air roll whichever direction you want to spin. Happy ball sacking lads.
  5. Le G
    If you don t know pxwr check his youtube Channel he ils insane
  6. Duk
    I accidentally created a mechanic lol. Its called the bait reset. You have to be on the wall, pop it up over the first guy (pop it away from the wall), get a reset on the ball and flip into the ball to make it go over the second defender. So what it does is get past the first dude and baits the second dude because he thinks you cant gain control back and then that reset can send the ball over the second guy. Has a nice name tho huh? "Bait reset". I recorded the clip on my xbox btw.
  7. Nyoha
    Bruh henko scored that shot a while ago, definitely recycle content ?

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