Can I Win More Than 1 Rocket League Game!!?

Last week we failed hard...Can we do better?
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7 комментов

  1. EverlastingElite
    i started my channel cause of u and other creators jon
  2. UK_Aidan
    I have loved watching Jon progress over the years and see him get better and better
  3. CrazySquarez
    I have a challenge Idea it’s simple u guys just take turns scoring so if it’s your turn to score no matter what sotus can’t score but when u score then he can.I think it will be funny cuz there might be a nice setup but he can’t score it
  4. Stimpy
    Wasn’t Xeb from one of SunlessKhan’s toxic videos?
  5. YBZ DeadEye
    You guys should do 2’s but you can’t let go of handbrake

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