RLCS North American Open | Championship Sunday | Day 3

Watch Championship Sunday at the RLCS North American Open!

After four high-intensity Quarterfinal matches, the four remaining teams at the North American Open have their sights set on winning it all. They'll have to battle through the Semifinals and a Best-Of Set in the Grand Finals in order to claim victory, though. It's time to find out who has what it takes to win the RLCS North American Open!

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  1. Joe Rohan Smol PP Beta Cuck Soy Boy
    Mmmm mmm mm love seeing all these salty NRG fans making excuses like usual. Worst fan base in RLCS
  2. WtchDctr
    The number of times that the commentators got the players' names wrong on the Version1 v NRG game was astonishing
  3. Raiden
    5:14:47 I'm beginnin' to feel like a rap god, rap god...
  4. Sapperson
    NRGs accuracy was not up to par during these regionals bro
  5. Jaiden Tiger Wilkins
    credit where credit is due NRG’S defense was fucking insane
  6. Tre Vor
    why does squishy's camera have so much white gamma, makes him look like he hasn't showered in weeks.
  7. Perea25
    anyone else notice how every notification on the names in the top are on the wrong person
  8. Tre Vor
    funny to think what the top NA and EU teams would do to that Asian team with a 24-1 record in their region (Alke). I had no idea pro's could still be that bad 5 years after the game release. Even Renegades or Ground zero would beat them by 5 to 10 every game.
  9. Gilberto López
    Justin using the Merc reminded me of leth using the scarab on salt mine just to have fun but ended up throwing firstkiller off ?

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