Rocket League, but the field is TILTED by 45 DEGREES!

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Camera Settings:
FOV: 110
Distance: 270
Height: 110
Angle: -4
Stiffness: 1

Music from EpidemicSound.

Intro Music: Fasion - No Cry

Editor: V

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13 комментов

  1. Matt Kelly
    if you dont use code lethamyr in the item shop do you even olay rocket league?
  2. Elias Wakimian
    How could you not play this map with beachball curve ball physics. Now that would've been funny to watch
  3. Ionut Madalin
    what if the field actively rotating while playing?
  4. Peachboy24
    The 90 degress video is my favorite video from you. And the 45 degress one is also really, really funny. Maps with different degrees are super entertaining for me. Thank you for this video. :)
  5. Joel Painchaud
    I want to see you guys play this map a few times then try standard right after.
  6. flabby wenis
    I actually couldn't watch the last game, my stomach was starting to turn... this is the my first time getting motion sickness from a video.
  7. MrLowbob
    im getting a headache from just watching this, woah.
  8. Natal3
    to make it worse. make sure the gravity acts normally and the cars gravity doesn't

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