I got trained by a pro Rocket League player for a week…

I am not a good 1v1 player... but I wish I was. So I grabbed @ApparentlyJack, a professional Rocket League player, and had him teach me the essentials of 1s for a week. ApparentlyJack is one of the best 1v1 players in the world so there's no one better for the job.

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I learned more about Rocket League in this week than I have in the past year. Since I have never truly grinded or studied 1v1s, I never dove into the theory of it. It's crazy how much strategy can change in Rocket League just by adjusting the amount of players on the field even when kickoff positions, boost amounts, and arenas all stay exactly the same. I've studied professional 3v3 Rocket League before so I could probably coach myself a decent bit with it, but with 1v1s, a professional coach was so valuable because I didn't have to grind it out and make all of these discoveries for myself. Big thank you to ApparentlyJack for making this video so amazing.

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  1. ApparentlyJack
    Great video, glad you learned something. Maybe soon you'll be beating me :O

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