Ракетная лига с падающими метеорами ОЧЕНЬ ИНТЕНСИВНА!

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Настройки камеры:
FOV: 110
Расстояние : 270
Высота: 110
Угол: -4
Жесткость: 1

Музыка из EpidemicSound.

Музыка вступления: Fasion - Нет Cry

Редактор: V

#Lethamyr #Leth #RocketLeague

14 комментов

  1. Rahim Mullick
    Danny haGuhberry haJG7haLeth haaaaaaahahahahahahah
  2. Ionuț-Nistor Ștefan
    All I could hear in this video was "meaty ore"
    I’m so sad bro I asked my mum if I could get a gaming laptop bc she won’t let me get a pc and she said no so I made a deal that if I get 79/79 she will but it no budget and I got it … she said no
  4. Mike Hannie
    Some one needs to make rocket league in a ball, in a ball, and in another ball. Cause why not?
  5. jake upton
    need to get a bunch of gold players in this mode. Chaos.
  6. zanityzoozoo
    Leth, idea: 2v2 Tag team matches. Over the 5 minutes while you are playing, your maximum speed decreases from 100% to like 60%. There are 6 people in the match, but 4 on the pitch. A player can strategically decide to 'tag' out, to let someone with a fresh max speed jump in. This opens up a strategic component of trying to keep the team evenly rotated in speed capacity vs waiting to tag a player with full speed until later when everyone else is slower.
  7. Tristan Hendriks
    I really wish console players (like me) could also get acces to these maps. It would make the game 10 times better
  8. ElFrijolRefrito
    Love this map idea, these are really cool. I'd love to see a version where the meteors are way smaller (like ball-sized or less?) but go like 50x faster so they're almost impossible to predict/dodge and you're just getting killed out of nowhere. Absolute chaos and fear haha
  9. Cody Stevens
    I’d love to see a custom Christmas map for the holidays. That would bring my joy
  10. Sparrowhawk4
    This was like the last game of rocket league the dinosaurs played
  11. CJQGAMING gamer life
    Saw your newest vid and it was so good made me sub also you said your technology not a pro HOW

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