Lethamyr carries our new RLCS team

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Leth: K
Noxes: s

My Epic Games Support-A-Creator Code: "Rizzo"

Lethamyr carries our new RLCS team... The new best NA Rocket League team is back! Myself, Lethamyr, and Noxes teamed up to come out of retirement and make a new pro team for the new RLCS season! Can we keep getting better and get more wins in our scrims?

Camera Settings:
FOV: 108
Distance: 280
Height: 110
Angle: -4
Stiffness: 0.2

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  1. FatBabyBoi13
    Even though leth is retired, he's still as good if not better than most pros. He some how almost always manages to stay calm and make the right play. May not be the most mechanical, but definitely one of the smartest players of this era. No doubt you leth and noxes will do well as a team
  2. Cameron Davee
    5:57 feel like breaking this down even tho no one asked. The pressure’s on: overtime. An unlucky ricochet sends the ball careening into the air. Rizzo had just turned back towards the play after getting boost, so his car is at an odd angle. He knows he needs to intercept a potential pass while orange is vulnerable, so he jumps. He knows it’s a long shot, so he calls a potential fake. His touch is good enough to send the ball to the corner, where Leth and Creamz battle for a center or clear. Leth backs off, offering the play to Noxes, who accepts. He can’t get a powerful touch off the wall, so he wall-dribbles in an attempt to center to Rizzo. He’s met by Thundah, who bulldozes Noxes and the ball back to the corner. The ball is moving slowly, so Leth, smelling blood in the water, pushes hard up the left wall to a still-midfield Rizzo. Unfortunately, Creamz and Thundah have managed to work together on a clear that’s strong enough to punish Leth’s over-commit, so he awkwardly turns back to defend. Rizzo and Noxes are close behind, and instantly the tables turn and orange is on defense, forced to re-group.This all started with Rizzo’s touch:But we’ve all been in a similar situation before. Rizzo’s mechanics and positioning allow him to at least make contact with a ball most of us couldn’t hit in a training pack. Let’s scale that down. Rizzo has more hours and high-level experience than most of us ever will. So, what’s a similar type of play that YOU could make in the given overtime situation? Be honest with yourself and really imagine the type of aerial that, even if it’s a pretty bad touch, you can make contact with 95% of the time. Probably doesn’t looks look too impressive. Now, imagine Rizzo making the play you’re thinking of. He makes it “500 times out of 500 times” as Sizz would say.So, if you’re going to practice, practice consistently on the fundamentals. Everyone says this but practicing above your level really can be detrimental to progress. You can’t skip steps and expect to level up. This ricochet ball in this particular play doesn’t happen ALL that much in the “middle” classes (plat-champ), but the play you imagined earlier probably does. If you can’t make that play every time, but your mechanics are cracked, then you might have a future on Tik Tok. Otherwise, if you REALLY want to improve, build up your game knowledge and fundamental mechanics like Sunless talks about in his IRL (in Rocket League!!!) vids: your skill tree has no branches without a trunk. He also says it’s not for everyone, but if you’re like me you’re tired of watching pros play horse and do things you’ll never see or do in comp, as cool and entertaining as it once was. Videos like this remind us of what’s possible, but, as Bobby Shmurda once said, “you can’t touch the moon by longing for it. You must build your own rocket and fly.”Easy? No. Fun? No. Doable? Yes. Worth it? Up to you.
  3. Andreas Skov
    "Lethamyr carries our new RLCS team"Also Leth: Guys, I need HEEELP!!
  4. Cure Karma
    He wasn’t lying in the title lol. Rizzo only took 1 shot in game 1 at the very end of the game.
  5. DSI.Productions
    Old men attempt to hit the un retire button and get smashed by the new kids
  6. DSI.Productions
    Yeah I honestly see this team going to the top ten and taking out NRG, SSG and Faze yeah would be a banger match but their old man hands would carry them FTW
  7. NastyWalkThroughs
    I like watching rizzo bc it's always him last back, just watching the game from afar
  8. this account got hacked sry guys
    if you disliked the video your a dog
  9. Lethamyr
    Nah man it's a team effort, us retirees have to band together ? GGs!
  10. Devydev
    Dylan’s coms are on point. Giving directions and supporting his team are key. He doesn’t sound like an asshole and he’s forgiving and understanding.

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