We came out of retirement to try and win RLCS

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Leth: K
Noxes: s

My Epic Games Support-A-Creator Code: "Rizzo"

We came out of retirement to try and win RLCS! Myself, Lethamyr, and Noxes, all came out of retirement for this upcoming RLCS season on Rocket League. Can we make top 16? Can we even make it out of the first round? This is the first scrims we've played together, let's see if we can beat Creams and a potential top 16 team!

Camera Settings:
FOV: 108
Distance: 280
Height: 110
Angle: -4
Stiffness: 0.2

#Rizzo #RocketLeague #Lethamyr

2 коммента

  1. Gavin Clark
    Rizzo at 0:22 scrolling through the godtier friends list one can only dream of playing with any of them
  2. Christoph L
    Rizzo: „Jo diamonds, focus on boost pads!“Also Rizzo:6:00

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