SEASON 5 AND BEYOND // SEA OF THIEVES -What’s to come in Sea of Thieves?

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14 комментов

  1. Captain Falcore
    Check out my great gaming PC's here! And remember to use code "FALCORE" for a discount!
  2. Banane
    I'm from season 1 i have the flag is that rare no or ?
  3. Lucione — Have a Laugh
    I still hope that they fix the stairs in the Tavern some day
  4. Finn Stitch
    He says hiding to us that he's already playing sot season 14
  5. Mauriciokneto
    Falcons predictions, so it’s going to happen :)
  6. Margaret Ballinger
    I've been hoping for the waterfall to be a gateway to a "Part 2." I don't know how they can progress the story while not losing the newbies, unless they separate the game into chapters. I started earlier this year, and would like to go back and learn the lore from past updates that I have missed out on. Like Duke's storyline, or Wanda's, or Merrick's. All new players know is how they are now. It's like starting a book midway through. A chapter system would help, or at least if they could make mini-tall tales we could catch-up on what me missed.
  7. Sgt Paloogoo
    I still wish I bought the Wailing Barnacle set when it was available...
  8. Tatertoot t
    Yo hear me out - what if they didn’t break the game with every update

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