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A New Experience for Omnisphere! /

Get ready for the ultimate lo-fi experience! With Omnisphere’s famous “Retroland” category becoming a major hit with producers, we decided it was time to develop an entire Sonic Extension dedicated to these iconic sounds!

This Sonic Extension for Omnisphere has over 2,000 playable sounds including retro guitars, leads, pads, bells, keys, amazing 808s and so much more! Each sound has it’s own set of Custom Controls and Scenes for quick and intuitive sound-shaping to help it fit with your production.

Two exclusive FX are included with Unclean Machine: Unclean Channel and Unclean Verb. These versatile FX units can also be used on any Omnisphere sound, including with user audio and satellite instruments like Keyscape and Trilian.

Unclean Channel is an effect that acts like a sonic time machine for Omnisphere. Dial in wobbly pitch artifacts, tape saturation, and radio filtering effects. Add the sound of Cassettes, VHS tapes, Records, Boomboxes, Dictaphones, and all kinds of weird devices. Use as much (or as little) noise as you’d like!

Unclean Verb is the most perfectly imperfect reverb effect we’ve ever heard in Omnisphere. Chock full of lo-fi goodness, it’s all about character and quirky, wobbly spaces. With 25 ambience models and direct control over Flutter and Crunch, this is the reverb to use when others just won’t cut it.

With the ultra-vibey new Unclean FX and a gigantic variety sounds, Unclean Machine is the perfect sauce for getting those nostalgic feels cooking!

Thanks to Cedrick Colas (AKA SweetScale TV) and Bad Snacks for presenting their killer Unclean Machine jams in this walkthrough!

Learn more about Unclean Machine and other Sonic Extensions for Omnisphere here: m

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  1. Sideshow The Producer.
    Congratulations I know keyscape has been out for years I just got it today I am very satisfied with my purchase thank you guys for making such an amazing program???
  2. Richard Salay
    Wow,thnx Eric & all Spectrasonics team for another must have PRO virtual instrument !!! ..Again very inspirational,like other Spectrasonics products i happy own ! ...
  3. 16914
    Ok just got 2 days off. And I'm going omni. Will get my laptop up to speed by building patches. I will get to work on optimizing omni 1 and 2 configure. A process of it's own to my Cubase Vst manager. And re familiarize my favorite sounds. I did a 1500 mile move and slowly unpacking just my essentials hardware and midi controller. My hardware synths and keyboards are on the sidelines as I focus on my releasing newer music to my catalog and to the public through my indie label . For the moment I have 2 days
  4. Jorb
    @badsnacks should sample Eric introducing her ? ".. Very special artist; Bad Snacks?"
  5. Sir Rodic
    I need all four of these extensions! Just fell in love with the Unclean Machine, wasn't feeling it at first but the demo puts it in perspective of the potential and capabilities!
  6. Digmsy Mii
    Cannot stop watching your videos, listening to your music, and loving you Spectrasonics. To the most pleasant, interesting and amazing sounds I've heard in our human world.Thank you for your brilliant work!
  7. Derek Simke
    Bad Snacks stole the show ? Excellent demo/instruction, and even better performance chops.
  8. Rory_Breaker_70
    In two weeks I will finally be purchasing the full version of Omnisphere, I can not wait to get my hands on this thing. After owning Nexxus and the entire ultimate collection of Komplete I have finally decided to give up the ghost and add some Spectrasonics tools to the shed. Sonic extensions are AMAZING!!

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