Gorilla Tag VR Tutorial to Become a PRO (Oculus Quest 2)

This video includes tutorials for the following: Downloading Gorilla Tag, Tips for Play Spaces, Joining my Discord Server, Getting in my Videos, Initial Movement, Pinch Climbing, The Planks, Wall Climbing, Wall Running, Spinning, Juking, The Treehouse, Using your Environment, The Funny Run, Branching, The Wiggle Run, My Favorite Route.

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0:00 - Intro
1:18 - Downloading Gorilla Tag
1:57 - Play Space Tip
2:17 - Joining My Discord Server
2:48 - Getting in My Videos
4:14 - Initial Movement
5:36 - Pinch Climbing
6:52 - The Planks
7:47 - Wall Climbing/Running
9:29 - Pole Spinning/Juking
10:15 - Juking
10:31 - The Treehouse
10:55 - Use Your Environment
11:29 - The Funny Run
12:05 - Branching
12:41 - Wiggle Run
12:56 - My Favorite Route
13:32 - Most Important Rules


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In this jmancurly gorilla tag vr gameplay video on the oculus quest 2, I give a complete tutorial on how to become a pro at gorilla tag vr, I cover everything you need to know to become better if you're a new player in gorilla tag vr on the oculus quest 2.

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  1. jmancurly
    I hope this helped! Have fun! Subscribe so you don't lose consciousness within 10 seconds.
  2. D10
    I’m really not getting wall running or jumping I’ve been practicing for weeks😢

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