LIFE BEYOND 3: In Search of Giants. The Hunt for Intelligent Alien Life (4K)

Patreon: Soundtrack: | Who are the masters of the universe? Are we the only intelligent life, or is something else lurking out there?

For 60 years now, we have probed the skies for signs of alien intelligence, longing for connection -- to no avail. But new ideas and technologies are beginning to change the game.

Proudly presenting the third chapter in the Life Beyond trilogy: In Search of Giants.

In this journey, we will see how far we’ve come in the search for intelligent life, how they might be communicating, just how advanced they might be, and what it would mean if we really did make contact.

It might take thousands of years to make a discovery. But as long as the mystery endures, the search for giants will continue. It's in our blood to want to know.
Story, visual effects, music & Sound by melodysheep (John D. Boswell)
Narrated by Will Crowley

Soundtrack coming soon to all major music platforms.

Additional visuals & 3D Models by:

Julius Horsthuis: /
Unknown Dino: o
Adrian Bobb: b
Igor Puskaric: c
Samuel Krug: s
Eren Arik: k
Alan Reynaud: n
CGIHadi: /
Jack Emmens: /
ESO / M. Kornmesser


Juan Benet
Matthew Brown
Adam Franke - WooDawg
Leon Red
Cruz Abalos
Morrison Waud
Zeus Kontoyannis


Franck Marchis
Clément Vidal
Julius Horsthuis
Holly Boswell


John Morrison

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Adrien Moulin
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David Martinez
Derick Yan
Eric Capuano: m
Erik Cheatham
Frank Buschmann
gayathri baskaran
Gregory Cohen: ​
Henry C
Iain & Cheryl
Illarion Petrov
Jan Mocňák
Jeremiah Tims
John Maier
Kailen Huse
Kimi Ushida
Micah Mangione
Michael Denny
Miguel Klagges
Mr. Dutchak
pavel zolotarev
Phillip Oliveto
Rico Oess
Romain Gilliot
Rowdy Jansen
Symi K
yassir selouani
Yueqi Wang

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Peace and love,

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twitter: @musicalscience

6 комментов

  1. melodysheep
    I don't know whether to feel sad or relieved. I could have worked on this forever. but 13+ months is enough... it's yours now. enjoy the epic conclusion to the trilogy. thanks all for watching and supporting this series over the past 3 years, and to all my awesome collaborators on this installment (see credits). I have fallen in love with audiovisual world-building and there is much more of it to come. Any questions for me?? EDIT: Dang I only got in a few responses before this thread reached max capacity. I'm launching a discord soon where we can all talk
  2. Юрий Филиппов. Мои дела и мысли
    Автор исповедует принцип - оформление важнее содержания.
  3. Paul Caranto
    My imagination tells me that we ARE the Giants. We will escape out of earth, scattered across the galaxy, go into evolution that fits the host planet/star to the point where we won't recognize each other as "humans"
  4. Den Root
    контакти вже були - саме тому наші предки придумали богів
  5. Frater Contendunt Occulta
    23:01 is the most mind blowing to see. Love how the laser cannon powers up and the debris collides loudly on the force field. I could only imagine how incredible it would be to see this in IMAX!
  6. Puzzoozoo
    Lots of conjecture, guesswork and wishful thinking. These advanced aliens probably use FTL travel and FTL communications to get around and talk to each other in stellar colonies.

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