Starcraft 2: Bly’s BRILLIANT Proxy Hatchery vs ByuN! (Best-of-3)

Bly versus ByuN in a best-of-3 series of professional StarCraft 2. A very fun set of games where Bly feels cheesy against one of the best Terran players in the world.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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11 комментов

  1. Audrey Robinel
    i think there is a point to byun chosing the opening he did even if it was not good against bly build. I think that he wants to perfect his usual BO/micro/decision making enough to be able to defend this with his usual greed build. If he can manage that, obviously, he gets out way ahead. Or he could be stuborn too. But that stubornness is imo to force his build to work against a cheese. But i don't think he'd keep using it on a finals though :Dalso perhaps there is some mind game here :"he won't do it 3 times in a row! Ah damn it, he did!"
  2. Midnight Flare
    What are you talking about, Bly did the standard Hatch-Gas-Pool build
  3. DB1ackSanta
    This is actually old school, and im pretty sure I learned it from lowko, he really is running into problems.. lol Game needs an updateMissed op if blizz dont show its many players any love
  4. Ericmyrs
    Standard: Reaper scout Meta: I can leave the scout out, for I know what Zerg will most likely doCounter meta: I know my opponent plays meta. I can punish him for it. Counter counter meta: I know my opponent will likely proxy hatch, so I must defend. Or you could just play Standard?
  5. Xitaris
    I wonder if pros watch other people commentate their games to get ideas on how to improve ?
  6. Michal Katrlík
    Bly and ByuN are probably my 2 favourite players, this is perfect.
  7. Martin M
    Lowko, that was one of the best games and comments ever in one. As much as the players know what they are doing as much you know what to say about it! Great harmony!

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