Bisu (P) vs Last (T) on Circuit Breakers — StarCraft — Brood War 2021

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14 комментов

  1. Serg nenado
    Очень нравятся ваши обзоры)))
  2. Alex Averkiyev
    Bisu has been wiped out fro the face of whatever planet it happened at. Gosh....
  3. Hotaro Oreki
    Falcon, the reason why Last sacrificed those vultures was so that he could re-hire the vultures to put more mines down
  4. phsal
    Last is a very solid Terran player, always a pleasure to watch. Please keep these coming. Thank you!
  5. Ebee
    That bit about the Comsat station was interesting! Some next level desperation right there for that detection.
  6. GyozaMan
    I don't think Bisu had lost from that first failed Dark Templar opening - he lost when he made that failed arbiter drop at the 12 and had that immediate counter attack against him once he spent that good amount of units.Also falcon you missed my other YT comments - will you ever do AOE4 when it comes out? Some starcraft pros are having a look.
  7. Inkjet Printer
    The reason Last knew the drop was coming is actually because of his ingenious mine placement, he saw that Bisu wasn't taking a third because he had mines at the expansions, therefore he knew that Bisu was doing some strategy off of 2 base, which means he had to prepare for a drop.

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