Zest vs Reynor (PvZ) — ESL Weekly EU #92 Finals! [StarCraft 2]

FINALS TIME! Zest and Reynor face off in this finale of the ESL Open Cup on the EU Server.

Match Played : 11th October 2021
Information about this tournament : 2

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8 комментов

  1. Annoy Amous
    game one really needed a handful of voidrays with the archons to space off the corruptors
  2. knivesout catchdamouse
    This was not the Zest I know. I think he must have been hacked. /s
  3. contradicsean
    I guess zest is never going to the army until he wins more gsl haha
  4. bankaiii bankaaa
    I'm watching sc2 since 2010, when marineking, mvp, nestea, mc....were the top players (good old times), anyway since then this is in my top, most boring and anticlimactic matches.
  5. J. Eaton
    Toss air takes huge chances against Zerg going air. Most of the time it fails.

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