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  1. Ben S
    I'm 68 yrs old and have been a musician all my life. Bjork is a genius - her heart, soul, the timbre of her voice, her power, perfect intonation - but it's her invention of melodies that amazes me. She does it here before the song even gets started - just these beautiful little melodies she warms up with. In Unravel she creates a timeless heartfelt song over a structure that is basically just two alternating chords. Her inner resource of melodies is seemingly endless as is her emotional depth. And she does this over and over again. She's a treasure.
  2. Metzly Cortés
    I read the video description and the op username, and I thought "please, let this video be the only one on the channel". I was not disappointed.
  3. Donn Easel
    Great googly this woman is fire. Shit hits the chest
  4. David Palomino
    This is how I feel now . I like a guy but he doesn't love me back, also he went away and I'm doing the process of letting him go and move on. If we ever meet again . Everything is going to be different. And of course here I am. With my heart undone unravelling in a ball of yarn.
  5. eric polan
    hell never return it.. well have to make new love <3
  6. Daniel Lynch
    How am I only discovering this beautiful piece of music now??? Unravel came on as a suggestion with Spotify. After listening to it I could’ve sworn it had only just been released - I was blown away to see released in 1997 ?
  7. Gary Smith
    I saw her in concert during Vespertine . I wish she would have done more older material .

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