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Unravel was released today, and is a beautiful and atmospheric platformer/puzzle game. We're going to attempt to make a game movie for it, although it's definitely a game that is much better when played. You need to experience it to really get its full effect. Nonetheless here's the ending to this wonderful game, hope you enjoy!

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  1. Eli Lundgreen
    Who else was expecting him to unravel all the way in the end and die or something? This is a great ending, but I will admit it is a bit unsatisfying to not see him "unraveled" as the title suggests. I was even expecting him to unravel and reveal a kitten under all the yarn.
  2. GSV
    Gotta say, the transition from the previous level (where Yarny unravels) into this scene, is one of the most emotional-heavy moments in any game I've played. It's absolutely heart wrenching, and then comes relief, which is replaced by respite. The fact that the entire game feels rather "zen", with the fantastic scenery and music, and gets pretty dark on the latter levels (with pollution and death) makes this transition that much more effective. It's the only game to this day that made be cry, so that awards it several bonus points. Most people see it as a good platformer, but I say that it's one of the greatest games of all time, and the developers put their hearts into it, unlike the majority of games out there.Also, I just realized that the song that plays in this part (Renewed) has the same violin melody from the first level (First Steps) which is pretty neat.
  3. Λευτερης Παναγιωτοπουλος
    Idk why but this game and especially the ending fucked me up more than any other game I’ve ever played
  4. 606 Films
    I don’t really remember this game, all I remember was that I cried a lot at the end

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