ASTERISM & PelleK「unravel — ASTERISM ver.-」

PelleK and ASTERISM cover Tokyo Ghoul's "unravel" in heavy metal.
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Original by TK from Ling tosite sigure />
ASTERISM & PelleK - unravel(PelleK ver.) E
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ASTERISM is a young, superb instrumental metal band that aims to "break new ground in heavy metal".
HAL-CA (Gt), 19, MIYU (Ba), 20, and MIO (Dr), 22, have been communicating with music fans around the world through "heavy metal" on SNS since 2014. As a new challenge, they will take on the world with a new world by crossing one of Japan's representative cultures, anime, with ASTERISM's ultra-skilled instrumental metal arrangements.
On September 9, 2022, ASTERISM will release a concept cover album "Animetic," which includes the song "Mawari Mawari Kitan.
The songs on "Animetic" were selected by the members themselves from the theme songs of the most popular Japanese animation works since the 00's. The album will be released on September 9, 2022.

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12 комментов

    PelleK, your voice is beautiful, powerful, awesome! Instrumental Music : Spotify &Apple
  2. Enrique Gonzalez
    mejor con un cover con Or3o mil veces mejor dislike
  3. Fabricio Saetta
    Pellek, your talent is divine!Asterism, guys, you are poweful!Amazing this match!Hugs from Brazil!
  4. Marcos Kazu
    Finally, Asterism with a vocalist. Asterism is excellent!
  5. DLastOne2go
    A collab I would’ve never even dreamed of, all those years back when I first heard Pellek. Always liked the intensity he brings. Asterism is a much newer discovery for me with my ever increasing obsession for Japanese rock/metal. Man these collabs are really fuelling my hope for more unexpectedly awesome ones.
  6. King Yama
    This is fucking sick! I love this, even more than the original! Everybody sounds amazing! Why didn't I discover this channel before today

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