Unravel — Killer Gofer — Part 6

Part 7 - s

Welcome to my let's play of Unravel. In this is series I will be commentating while I play through the entire game.

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13 комментов

  1. Wisdit Whispen
    I glitched the part with the wire so I just glitched on top of the tree and skipped the section
  2. Lainey Chong
    If the bridge is Bright Red (glows) u can walk on it or bring things
  3. Lainey Chong
  4. Stefan 1897
    OMG is it "Gofer" or "Gopher"!!??It's neigher it is a Lemming you grammar nazis!!
  5. Logan Sharples
    The yarn has to be sparkling so you can go on it
  6. xcubie
    youtube fr looked at this video, made chapters for it and named one "Grandmother" 💀

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