Unravel — Tokyo Ghoul OP [Piano]

Sheet music is available now!

5 years have passed and my piano arrangement of unravel has reached 70 Million views already. Ever since then, the name Animenz has been often associated with "that unravel cover guy" on the internet and to be honest, until today I am still surprised why this particular video has exploded in popularity (笑) 

Back then, this piano arrangement were just one among many anime piano cover videos I was uploading during my Conservatory years in Germany. There were many different piano covers of unravel on YouTube already but most of them were only covering the TV-size version, not the full song.

At that time, I was practicing many technically difficult classical pieces (Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff, among many others) and this might explain the extreme difficulty level of this piano arrangement, compared to my usual arrangements. It is basically full with very risky jumps and super fast arpeggios. Especially the particular "guitar riff" arpeggio at 02:21 is probably the fastest arpeggio I have ever attempted.

It easily belongs to my top 3 most difficult transcriptions I ever made, among "My Dearest" and "Kuusou Mesorogiwi" and I doubt I will ever make something as frustratingly difficult as this again. To master this piece you need a very good left hand and right hand coordination. There are many complicated rhythms in this piece and the only way to properly memorize them all is by repeatedly practicing it again and again in half speed.

Especially the octave melody in 00:35 is often called the "wall", because most people just give up practicing the song at this point. Even today, I make occasional mistakes when playing this part, because you have to do huge jumps with both of your hands at the same time. Since I can only focus on one hand only at each time, the other hand have to manage the jump completely blindly by sheer muscle memory alone. It is indeed frustrating to learn and I am seriously wondering myself, how I even managed to play this entire song in only one continuous take back then.

In hindsight, if I would arrange this song again, I would use my gained experience from the past five years to make it less frustrating to play, but without losing its musical quality. And I would definitely avoid using those cursed double hand jumps in 00:35.

Perhaps one day, I will make another crazy-level arrangement like this unravel again. But only time can tell whenever I am in the mood for it.

Well, thank you for reading so far, and I hope I can see you again in the next video.
Until then -


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Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: unravel
Anime: Tokyo Ghoul / 東京喰種 / トーキョーグール
Published by: Sony Music Associated Records
Composed by: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure / 凛として時雨
Performed by: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure / 凛として時雨

#unravel #TokyoGhoul #piano
#TKfromLingTositeSigure #トーキョーグール

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  1. Gwenael FRANCOIS
    I've finished academy three years ago and while I was still learning piano I thought during my last 2-3 years that I would try it out and learn it on the side, had the sheets printed and all but never really tried it. I know am wanting to start playing again and this will be my first hard piece I will learn, I started today, don't know if I will go to the end yet but I really want to.
  2. Brisa Flores
    Como el piano disfruta las notas de esta obra de arte.
  3. eimihar
    just checking few times if this video speed is not faster :O
  4. Just some guy with no hair
    "I Ken Giovanna have a dream"-Ken Giovanna

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