Unravel — Tokyo Ghoul (Opening) | Band Cover

Tokyo Ghoul's opening song "Unravel" covered by MattyyyM, Romix, Jenny xUnreachablee, 桿子 Drumstick, HalcyonMusic & Rufus Mann!

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?Romix - 3
?Jenny - l
?Drumstick - p
?Halcyon - 1
?Rufus (bass) - 7
?Matty (guitar) - N

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Originally written by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

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10 комментов

  1. MattyyyM
    After the overwhelming success of the Silhouette band cover, it was pretty clear to see that you guys enjoyed the concept of 'YouTuber band collabs'...so here's another one for you to sink your teeth into this Halloween! This has been in the pipeline for between 2-3 months now, so it's felt like a long time that we've all been working on it. That being said - everybody was an absolute joy to work with, and I think that it comes across in this cover. I'm super proud of how it's turned out, and I think we've definitely put our creative stamp on this iconic opening soundtrack. So please remember to support all of the artists that featured in this video, you can find the links to their channels in the description!Thanks for watching, and have an awesome Halloween! ?
  2. Anthony Yudhistira
    I've seen romi on other covers, but idk, in this one he looks like he's possesed by kaneki, just mad... Dang that's cool
  3. Канеки Кен Антейко
    Также я ночью: Шихе Тео Шихе тео
  4. Sanchayan Maity
    Awesome.... Beautiful...Such lovely vocals plus guitar and drums.

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