As Boris Johnson’s Brexit lies continue to unravel this shocking compilation must be seen


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  1. Mike Mono
    Yes the man is a liar, but the EU has many faults. The problem was that there was just pro and anti EU propaganda being peddled by the polarised media at the time of the Brexit, there was never a real debate. As much as I agree Johnson is a liar, just feels as if the real new normal is propaganda and fact manipulation rather than seeking common ground through debate. The left are particularly shameful when it comes to this, not just a prerogative of Johnson as you make it seem.
  2. Thomas Hall
    Johnson is a globalist, why would he want the UK to be independent? Wake up people.
  3. Chips1889
    It called politics Peter. You are playing at it now.
  4. Martin Hommel
    Sadly about 40% of the British electorate agree with these shenanigans and the other 60% don't seem to want unite to get the shysters out.

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