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  1. AzraelSoulHunter
    Dreamworks? Okay. Where is our Neverhood animated movie? We obviously need it.
  2. Cleotas Berkley
    This game is not above wasting copious amounts of your time for the sake of a gag or indeed no goddamn reason.Which is admirable, in a sense. You'd never get away with half the shit this game pulls if you made it today, you'd get raked across the coals.I kinda miss that about these older games. Everybody just did whatever they wanted, no matter how stupid or obnoxious, quality be damned. The sound design certainly helps. Everybody talking about the claymation, but it's the audio that really sells it, that's where most of the humor is.
  3. Duske3000
    Geez, this is legendary. The creativity behind the clay architecture and to think this was in the 90s.
  4. Master Zero
    Jn laught hck in max 20 years few with radio at down floor in bathroom Neverhod on bridge and hold. Japan lox. Starcraft story.4
  5. I’m gonna sneeze
    Damn, I need that chronicles as my college essay
  6. I’m gonna sneeze
    This gives me real liminal space vibes#liminalspace

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