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  1. steidlej
    Column is their second cousin twice removed - Ambrose and Column are the grandchildren of siblings (Raggie and Lady) so are second cousins, and Chaz and Trenton are Ambrose's grandchildren. Cousins are confusing!
  2. Mxtty2K01
    I'm so upset man. Bought cottage living and Started my own rags to riches at the same time as James'. Played the same save for 2 months and didnt play any other save. Last night played a different save and saved it over my rags to riches play through out of habit ?. I had 500,000+ simoleons and a huge 64x64 farm ?. Cant recover the save cos I play sims 4 on ps4
  3. Bird Blackbird
    James James James! For a Finchwick fair your RELATIONSHIP with an animal matters most in a fair about animals! So if you befriend your cow or lhama or chicken REALLY well winning a fair is easy peasy!
  4. Cindy Garcia
    Do you think they’re spawning because technically she’s an elder and to keep her in the game they generate new Agnes Crumplebottom for when one dies
  5. Clare Bradley
    Angus is just a blue skinned human. I had a full alien baby, and as a toddler, they could wear a disguise. I had a human-alien hybrid that was just a human with blue skin. If he was a true alien, he'd have the funky voice and the 2nd form.
  6. echung168
    Me watching Chaz take the cake while James focuses on TrentonJames: Who took the cake? Who ate the cook?Chaz: I made the cake, I deserve to eat the cake!
  7. Curiosity Killed The Cat
    You should delete that door that's in the child's room!
  8. ccSgosi
    Maybe one of the kids can come and live with their uncle once they’re older? That would solve the room problem in both houses at least
  9. Kaitlyn Coleman
    It might be kind of fun to do kid's activities in one of the empty rooms in Chaz's house, like the play tent and kids craft table. They don't really have a designated play space, and that way Chaz can be the cool, fun uncle. I can imagine he'd want a space for them to feel at home in his house as well.

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