10 Base Game Objects You Need To Start Using | The Sims 4 Guide

A guide revealing 10 of the best base game objects that you need to start using or that you may be overlooking in The Sims 4. This includes objects that add a lot of gameplay, like the Cowplant and the Magic PlantSim stump, as well as objects that you might not have thought to use, such as the digitalistic sketchpad and storage boxes. Note that I have avoided obvious objects that are standouts, such as the woodworking bench in order to highlight objects that are a little more obscure or used less. Please like and comment, and Subscribe here: h

The 10 standout objects (in my opinion) are:
1. Digitalistic Sketchpad
2. Cowplant
3. Birthday Hot Tub
4. Nanocan Touchless Trash Can
5. Rocket ships
6. Magic PlantSim Stump
7. Cameras
8. Laser Light Show
9. Cupcake Factory
10. Storage Boxes [Ornate Beauty / Buyer Beware]

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9 комментов

  1. Lady.Whatever
    Tbh I just have sooo many mods that idk what's ts4 and what's mod lol.I thought the tablet was a mod
  2. Cas
    You can find the cowplant berry at the spice festival when doing harvest all. Or in base game at the lake in the desert bloom park
  3. Shadynight
    I also wanted to add you can upgrade the digital sketchpad and made it draw super fast, so if you are doing the freelance career its sometimes easier and faster to just create a bunch of sketches for the client rather than edit them
  4. Necromancer0225
    I knew about all of these except for the light show thing! That's so cool. I've always wanted to play the sims 4 but couldn't afford to buy it, now that it's free I'm so happy. I then saw there is so much content to buy for the game,e that made it seem the base game isn't fun, until I started exploring stuff lol. Thanks for this vid😊
  5. Christin Is Apparently A Males Name
    I didn't know sims had an infinity stump!
  6. Takeda Matsuko Shingen
    Unpopular opinion :The cow plant is unnecessary and disgusting
  7. Soarin Star
    I love the tea magic brewer it's a great way to get certain moods for your sims
  8. Mia Ah
    Where would you put the monster plant ? Is it possible to put it in a way that it doesnt eat none of my sims but the sims infront of the house always tryingi peek around my property?

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