The Sims 4 Prison Challenge may return!

There is hope for more Prison Challenge!
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12 комментов

  1. Jenn W
    If you made one house, they wouldn't go to the other house to cook...
  2. SouthDakota Chick
    It's your let's play so you can do what you want. However I am disappointed that the brother got the girl and family.
  3. Amy F
    some people are taking the sims a bit too seriously lol
  4. Amy F
    with that specific example, i will say i didn't watch that video when it had the original title. so it does work, it makes sense.
  5. Calypso O.
    I've been bingeing your videos and the other day I was at the store and I met this really nice lady and I asked her what he name was and she said, Katrina. As a 100% reflex I then screamed KATRINA! like a madwoman LMAO I was so embarrassed, but then she said "Oh you watch James too?" And I was so happy she understood! She wasn't mad and we had a laugh about it. Now we are friends!
  6. Ana Cláudia Dâmaso
    what about a compilation of "which Bigwallet is Hazel going to marry"? or one about COWtrina?
  7. Roland Baldwin
    'Hey Patchy!' and Aw Yeah Batuu! are my James-isms
  8. Loony713
    I use 'awwww Batuuu yeaaah' and with 'peace and love'
  9. Adrien Lohman
    Hey! My Semaj was cancelled post was in the video!
  10. Rie Winters
    I never use reddit, but I changed my mind after this video

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