The Sims 4: Get to Work has main character energy
the code FIRSTORDER gives you 15% off your first order!!

i have a variety channel!!! (plum) g
watch my streams here: m
I HAVE MERCH TOO i feel so professional: e

Editing is half done by me, and half done by Declan! _
i'm from Middlesbrough in England which is why i sound like that and is also why my videos contain swearing. Aimed at 16+.

hen = hun
howay/oway = come on
us = me (e.g. don't look at us like that = don't look at me like that)
our = my (e.g. our mam = my mam)
twitch ..
instagram .. @plumbellayt
twitter .. @plumbellayt
tumblr ..
gallery id .. jessemcnamarax
merch: e
business email:

PO Box 252

3 коммента

  1. TheSnep
    Ahem *cough*, local furry here. It is not a scalie or a furry to be into aliens as aliens are a whole different species altogether. I don't know what it is, but I know what it isn't :D
  2. norsegael
    Another Northern lass here, so glad I discovered your channel. Its absolutely made my week ?
  3. shelby l
    the notebook is the book icon where the phone/calendar is

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