I built our new IRL house in The Sims 4!

We are moving soon so I decided to use The Sims 4 to recreate a home! Coming up will be a video on dream furnishing it! Any ideas?
Thank you for watching!

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  1. TravelChild95
    It would be so fun 1) to see how you and james furnish this separately, and 2) for us to furnish it, maybe it will give you ideas ?
  2. Sissilia
    Congrats on the new house! Bowser will love it. I use a cheap Micellar Water (Priceline or Woolworths) to get rid of makeup stains on clothing and curtains/blinds from IKEA or Spotlight are pretty cheap.
  3. sum1rllyspecial
    On curtains, retailers like target, k mart, spotlight or big W (or even dollar stores) can have good value curtains between $20-$40 each. But the more windows you need to cover the more expensive it gets. I bought roller blinds from Bunnings and I was pleased enough with their price, you just need to install them yourself, around $150-$250 each, depending on size. I prefer blinds cause they block the sun that shines right into my room as it sets.
  4. enxvictoria
    My gf and I have one bathroom and it’s okay. If you really need to pee a shower isn’t that bad to pee in ?? ? gets bladder and hygiene need up!Also I put my tv in front of the window because I didn’t like the wall it was on and it was very cute and I had full overview of my neighbours! It made me feel more relaxed
  5. NotYourTypicalHuman
    Hi Deli, this video sorta made me a little anxious..! Where I live in the US, you NEVER buy a house sight-unseen, because there are scammers that will post fake houses for sale or list a real house "for sale" when the current owner is not actually selling! It is very important to see the house in person, or send a family or friend to view the house if you cannot go yourself. Every time in this video when you said "we've never seen the house" really just makes me sweat. I hope once your quarantine period is done that you both can take a car ride and see your new place in person.
  6. Rachel
    so happy that you finally found a place! i’ve been following you since the sims 3 days and i feel this has always been one of your goals. so exciting that you’re finally achieving them! (and that bathtub lol). great vid, deli! looking forward to seeing how you furnish this (both in the sims and irl haha)!
  7. j k
    You could turn the small room behind the kitchen in to a walk-in pantry if kitchen storage is an issue, and you could wall-off the archway and solve the living room layout problem.
  8. Elisha B
    1. Curtains can be expensive (in aus) especially when you hire someone else to do it like a curtain person. 2. Native plants are easier to care for 3. Yes, I am scared of ceiling fans on falling down and chopping my head off. 4. I know people who use alcohol spray and hairspray to remove makeup from their clothes.
  9. Szu W
    Congrats! Don't forget to add a toilet though. ? You can make beautiful curtains from sari fabric, if you have any shops nearby that sell that kind of thing. Otherwise, online is your friend! ?
  10. JaiSea Plays
    Yep, curtains are expensive. At least over here in the U.S. they are. Decent curtains can be $30+ a panel and since you need 2 panels for one window, it adds up really fast.

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