Can puppies make you rich in The Sims 4?

Stanley is back and trying to get rich with his weenie dogs


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This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen and this video is intended for an audience aged 13 and up.

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  1. Nic Kingan
    If you are an ethical and reputable breeder (in real life) it's NOT a bad thing or something that should be shamed - period. Adopt don't Shop is a very poor saying as it hurts ethical and reputable breeders. Pure breed dogs are important. Adopting is great for people who want to.
  2. Shes Chaos
    would your sim be upset about losing a pet if they have the evil trait??
  3. Alva Stavtorp
    can you try to get rich quick by being a photographer? like you get money from all pictures you take and i think the better they are the more you get from them but i am not 100% sure though but it would be kinda fun to watch!
  4. MissLind
    Kayla: was still in high school in 2017.Me: In 2017 I was already out of high school longer than I was actually in high school.But still 4 years of Cats and Dogs. Crazy. That's one of the few packs I still play with today.
  5. Alexus Duncan
    Dogs vary in pricing because of color and mostly, gender. At least in real life, so sims maybe went for that too to be realistic. Females have babies and males well, do the thang. So buying a female you can hqve and rent some strangers male dog to mate with your dog to avoid buying 2 dogs permanently (in real life) and just get your doggo preggo to sell puppos. It sucks but its usually how it works. And then male owners make mo ey studding their dogs
  6. Idkphame !!
    simsie you have to try the gnome glitch. you do this on winter fest and you place down gnomes and appease them and they will place down/ generate seed packets and you just sell them it gives you a lot of money!

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