The Sims 4 But I Race Aliens In Space | Not So Berry Yellow #3

Today Kelsey Impicciche begins a new challenge called The Not So Berry Challenge! It's a challenge created by lilsimsie in the Sims 4 where you play as 1 family for 10 generations, with each generation inspired by a color! Season 3 is YELLOW

Challenge rules: e


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5 комментов

  1. Irene Kunsitasari
    kelsey i am livinf for this series, i enjoyed it so much!!! love from Indonesia????
  2. Zara Robnett
    He probably likes summer because she straight doesn’t care About his celebrity status. She just likes spending time with him
  3. M.P Allen
    I'm not on team Kakeru personally, both because I don't like that he wouldn't be there for her kids and because their first meeting at her teen-YA birthday personally irks me she's too young for me to feel comfy w that
  4. Ms Smiley
    I think Summer should have a single-mom life! And get married as an adult versus a young adult. This way she gets the life of a single mom, but then gets to enjoy coparenting her child with her love. As a loner, I feel like she would be too shy or uncertain about marrying so young.
  5. Beila Kasiban
    I don’t want Summer to be a single mom, I think she would be an amazing mom with one person only. She was raised by her grandma so..

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