MODERN Family Home ? | Stop Motion build | The Sims 4 | NO CC

Check out this modern and comfortable home for a large and happy family!
Timecodes for your comfort:
0:00 In today's video
0:13 Wall construction
0:31 Exterior and landscaping
3:13 First floor interior
5:49 First floor plan
5:56 Second floor interior
9:24 Second floor plan
9:30 Third floor interior
10:27 Third floor plan
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3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Modern Family Home
Cost: § 132 184
Location: Newcrest, Ridgeline Drive, Cookout Lookout, 30x20
In this house I used arts from the Catatron16 Gallery.
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ES_Move (Instrumental Version) - Pandaraps
ES_Giant Emoji - Gregory David
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  1. seulparmoi
    finally it's here!! i've been waiting for your new video!!
  2. Fleur Wijnans
    Omg! It's amazing... I love all you video's! ????
  3. Amanda
    Thank you for the update! This is what I needed on this sunday morning❤❤
  4. Melissa Anderson
    I love the clean lines of this build. It turned out amazing ?
  5. Lovecaster
    Aloha Lera! It's another beautiful build! Thank you for putting in so much effort. I will check the gallery when I get to the study! ??
  6. Kar Miller
    Thank you my friend for this amazing video. As soon as I saw this incredible build on the gallery I couldnt wait for your amazing video. Thank you again and wishing you the very best day and week.
  7. Irina Maximova
    Что значит "Без СС"? Подскажите, пожалуйста.

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