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  1. Hannah Bassett
    I think when Angus grows up into a teenager, you can have his bedroom moved into Chaz’s House/the big house, so he can be like a farmer apprentice to Chaz and then that will open up some space in the smaller house.
  2. Petcheeto
    What the heck is happening with your save ? I'm starting to think we'll lose the Bigwallets to some save error soon ?
  3. Amy Elizabeth
    for a game that costs like $800 or whatever you would expect it to run better huh ?
  4. Kaile
    Can you make custom stable animal stalls? ? Or a big barn? Maybe get another dog/pig ❤️
  5. Isabella Valle
    every time james posts, i’m always looking forward to which teddy fresh hoodie he wears next
  6. RoxasHeroes
    Funny day on the farm but they will do better if there not crashing in sleep and things.
  7. Pamella Foster
    Agree with most comments. Move Trenton and Hazel and the kids into the big house and use the holiday cottage as the skill outbuilding, painting fizzing robotics etc. or just convert the holiday cottage into just bedrooms. So all they do is sleep there with the skill building items and only have 1 kitchen. I think the biggest issue is they are going between 2 kitchens. Might help with the routing issues too, maybe the rooms are too small/cluttered. The animal area could be made closer together and use less space overall so that the front area can be a lovely driveway/entryway to the main building with a side path connecting from the front to the holiday cottage.
  8. Heather _
    If you get Trenton to do all the upgrades on the fridges, I'm pretty sure it will make the meat last longer. Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this game, I have no clue what you mean ???
  9. skyechimes658
    In your relationship panel you can find the bunny (Hopper) and use the center camera function they added!
  10. Giggi Widit
    I'm wondering if Chaz is ever going to become friends (with benefits =9) with Kim ... Maybe after the James has completed his IRL move ... =99999 =DDDDD
  11. RoxasHeroes
    If you want 2 sims to do something together it might help if both are doing nothing first.
  12. Sarah May Woodruff
    Hazel needs to starting decorating again and try to sell the stuff she steals at the store if the person whom she stole wants to buy it back Hazel will sell it back to them for double the price.
  13. lachecalyce
    when you're trying to interact with a toddler, you have to cancel the toddlers interaction or they'll just stand there.
  14. Jana Muroňová
    It could be nice to renovate the Hazel's and Trenton's house in a style mixing rustic / contemporary so that both are happy ! And adding a nice outside patio for everyone to chill in the evening (well, as they would IRL) with a view on the lake and prison island, so pretty ! :D

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