? With one in five gamers being a victim of gaming fraud or knowing someone who has, Lloyds Bank has partnered with the UK’s gaming industry body Ukie to launch a new Game Players Code, SHIELD – a six-point guide to help gamers protect themselves from fraud.

? Learn how to SHIELD yourself against scams and stay safe whilst playing by clicking the following link: s

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Desire CC G

Pumpkin Costume 1

StorylegacySims Little Witches k

Halloween Package Y

Vintage-Simmer 5

Hoanglapsims CC r

Magician Coat C

Mortal Kombat j

Astya96 CC Halloween H

Simsdom Arachne for all ages Y

Mimotosims CC L

Plazasims CC q

Astya96 CC Resident Evil U

Simsdom Leshen CC K

Android & Cyber eyes I

San33sims cc R

Sims4/Clothing/Female/Teen-Adult/Elder/Everyday k

Osimllia - Android Face s

Gradient CAS Screen y

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  1. ILoveClaireSiobhan
    Clair in 2017 June 23 you said in your in the city series that at your wedding you wanted the sims4 intro music. Did it happen? Did you get your sims4 music? Was It a sims4 wedding?!
  2. Teresa Gustafsson
    Ohhh soo many gorgeous things! But that skeleton dog and spider kids were terrifying ??Just a little warning, there's been a lot of talk of Squid Game amongst very young children ? Not at all Clares fault, that's not what I mean, it's just everywhere at the moment. Lucifer should totally be a skeleton cat! He should have died like 10 times over already ?
  3. Shooting Star
    Thanks for the cc haul. I was looking for safe Halloween cc. ??

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