This War of Mine: Fading Embers — Part 2

This War of Mine is a fascinating and sobering survival game that released a few years back. In the last couple of years, the developers have released three short story-driven game modes. In the final chapter - Fading Embers - a young woman saves a stranger from the cold, but if she can't find more fuel soon, that reprieve may only be temporary.

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No copyright infringement intended. This War of Mine copyright is owned by their respective owners which includes but is not limited to 11 Bit Studios. I did not make the game (or assets) and do not claim to. I do claim recording the gameplay and associated commentary.

Music credit:
"Shake Down"
by Gavin Luke
Provided by Epidemic Sound ( )

15 комментов

  1. Valkyrie
    For the love of God, its Anya...not Anzha (Anja the way you say it) the comments bro pls
  2. augustus kelley
    Just saying- at the very beginning you had everything you need to make the metal work bench which would have given you access to the axe and crowbar. Every time you say "I need fuel," "I need wood,' or "I don't have a crowbar" what I hear is "I need to make the metal bench."
  3. TeaMaki
    2:15 it's probably a bug in translation. Pogrom is in polish a sinonim to the world acopalypse, catastropthe etc.
  4. Cihan AK
    Hello my name is axe. You can find me at the main building shop since you got exact materials... Nvm you choose freeze to death seems fair.
  5. Slicing Onions
    It frustrates me that you didn't get that herbal meds wasn't going to be good enough!
  6. CL4UD
    Franco is thr creator of the game cause his Alive all the time lmao (watching while quarantine)
  7. CL4UD
    Franco is thr creator of the game cause his Alive all the time lmao (watching while quarantine)
  8. Otterman
    Nice video, I liked that you read the text loud. But the worst thing about this video was your pronunciation of Anya's name. Oh man, that was annoying as hell.
  9. The chunguses
    Pravus realy tito dies on day six if you not guve him anything and you alredy had enough suplies and also if you help him hie gives you hie music sets but hey it's jest a game.
  10. Naveron
    there are two ways to play this scenario:1. sacrifice everything for survival2. struggle to survive without losing artifacts (I've tried this way and can't do it)
  11. Cole the Flame
    "I haven't liked someone so much since Franko!" Pravus really loves his traders lol. I like Franko but honestly I notice that he brings a lot less in the late game sadly.

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