Classic WoW Queue Times Are Insane

WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic is literally unplayable. Thanks Blizzard.
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11 комментов

  1. Erik Moore
    I mean they make elastic load balancing servers now. I dont see why they won't use something similar. The servers are meant to handle spikes by upping capacity when the need comes, hence the elastic part. I think blizzard is just being cheap.
  2. Aileenea W
    13k que on Freshstart Server Thekal.... Im in que for 5 hours now and 3 more to go sigh..
  3. MrJon1157
    i just found out about Caffeine desktop app for PC, simulates a button press every minute to keep your PC from going to sleep. I wonder if you could use it to stay logged in
  4. nogunk
    Merge lower pop servers in to others to create more mega servers. easy solution.
  5. M M
    I chose skyfury because it was a fresh server, now it has a 3 hour queue fml
  6. Lundqvist
    Juist DC'd on Benediction, Litteraaly in the time it took me to re-connect, I was forced back into Que of 125 fucking minutes, Blizzard can kiss my ass
  7. techpriest88
    Where are those people that were saying fresh will be dead after a month?
  8. Michael Moushi
    Too many bots and people with multiple accounts
  9. Ben
    I wanted to start on a fresh pvp server today, turns out the only fresh pvp server is already locked.
  10. nasty nast
    Yeah these queue times are fucking ridiculous, it’s pretty lame too cuz I’ve had to switch servers a few times because I want to play somewhere that’s populated but also doesn’t have a queue time, but even then I just get put on a layer with like 2 fucking ppl its wack

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