Youtubers Life 2 will launch on Tuesday 19th October 2021.

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What's up, youtubers!

Plug in that microphone, sort out that lighting, fire up that camera, cause today we are finally answering the question you've all been waiting for: It's time to talk about the game's release date!Подробнее

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  1. Namoj
    Can’t wait to play it on my channel I pre-ordered it:)
  2. Ninja Katan
    The only problem a had in Youtubers life is that it takes you two days to make a video
  3. EnochoftheNine
    I'm just here because I saw this on the playstation store and the whole concept makes me so angry that I felt the need to go somewhere and actually vent my anger.This is capitalistic BS gone mad.I hate everything about it.It makes me hate Google more than I already did.Please if anyone's thinking of buying this, just re-evaluate your lives and how you spend your time and money... Hell.. Make you tube videos even.Just c'mon. This exemplifies everything that's wrong with our culture. Do not provide this concept with funding and support.What a sickening waste of atoms.My massive 4k TV is in front of me right now, just covered in the image of this game. And it's just so awful.I really don't think I've detested a concept for a game as much as this one.Hell. Even the game where you shoot girls (school girls) underwear is not as cringe and sad inducing as this horror show.Gross. Do not want.
  4. idklol
    People with high end PC: finally i can run yt life 2 smoothlyPeople with low end PC: i wish i have high end PC :(
  5. James
    I've seen Laurenzside play this before the release date because her character was in it unfortunately she couldn't play as her character this game made so she had to make a new character as herself as it's a good game for everyone else but for me it's not for me as I prefer GTA 5 as the graphics is better for a game like I said everyone else may like the game when it comes out for everyone else on Tuesday 19th 2021 October but it's not for me
  6. ItzSkup
    Pls release on Phone (maybe this game are supported idk)

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