Sonic Unleashed: Secret HJs — PART 27 — Game Grumps

Arin and Dan have a really sweet, sicknasty conversation about
secret HJs.
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12 комментов

  1. Starblade
    ~9:00 This literally made me cry. Such genuine kindness I need friends like that.
  2. Austin Vandecoevering
    #GrumpClips 0:36 - 2:52 "A girl's name"
  3. Monster King Calamity999
    Arin needs more drugs :( This is brilliant. Arin high is like when Goku first went super Saiyan lol
  4. Patrick Stovall
    Wonder why they don't do steam train anymore, or have anyone else besides Dan and Arin play anymore
  5. Patrick Stovall
    That "fuck" move they talked about would be incredibly helpful cause if someone had to jump out of a burning building or fell off a cliff tou could use it, stop all your momentum and grab onto something to self yourself.

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