Far Cry 4 — Secret Ending at Start of Game (Alternative / Good)

The main antagonist, Pagan Min, early in the game asks you to sit for a few minutes and enjoy your meal, at this point he leaves and the player is given the opportunity to leave and start the campaign. However, if you do wait for him for 15 minutes, he comes back and treats you as a guest like he did before you find out that he is not a villain at all, and is actually a good guy who allows you to place your mother's ashes where she requested, next to her daughter's ashes. The daughter is also the child of Pagan Min.

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  1. ImKyari
    I want a Far Cry 4.2I would love to smash the golden path with Pagan. Fuck them.
  2. MatsuSenpai
    Damn you Ubisoft, why won't you give us the alternate story for this game
  3. ᴀʀɢʜʏᴀ sᴀʀᴋᴀʀ
    In farcry the bad guy was actually a very nice guy.He is just a broken heart

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