The Sims 4 Base Game — Secret Areas | Carl’s Guide

How to get to Sylvan Glade and Forgotten Grotto in The Sims 4 Base Game. Includes tips on baits to use for the grotto in order to complete the fish collection.

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7 комментов

  1. purplebubba3636
    There's a second entrance to the Grotto behind the Landgraab's house. But it just goes to the same Grotto.
  2. Jesse Brooks
    I'm playing my first Fishing sim so I'm excited to go to these locations! Thanks for the video!
  3. Josh M
    Wanted to say I love your guides, Carl. It's the website I first go to for advice on this game. And how ridiculous is it to find Sylvan Glade. I've lived near that tree in so many different households and never knew about it until just recently. Forgotten Grotto I already knew about. But recently I discovered the second entrance to it, behind the Landgraab's residence. This is one wacky game.

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