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turns out the neighbor is hiding even more weird and creepy secrets at his house..!!

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15 комментов

  1. M.R.V.N
    14:48 is actually translated to “in memory of those who sacrificed” pretty weird.
  2. J Codling
    The girl on the gravestone isn't Mya it is Diane peterson, the neighbours wife
  3. TrinketTrinket
    I love the hello neighbour series its my favourite on this channel :)
  4. Twisty
    Dan: hey guys got some new friends!!The other people watching yeah yeah that that’s.. that’s cool dude
  5. Tappedoutchannle1
    there a gas station next to the shop and thats eletract car
  6. The Pickle
    I wonder if he got the gas station achievement after 3 years

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