Secret vs OB.Neon Game 2 | Bo3 | Lower Bracket ONE Esports Singapore Major DPC 2021

Commentary by : ODPixel & Lacoste

Lower Bracket Playoff ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 Dota Pro Circuit 2021 Live Stream Streaming
Team Secret vs OB Esports x Neon | VODS Full Match VOD Full Game Gameplay | ENG Cast Commentary / Caster / Commentator | Best of 3
Neon vs Secret
Detail: 1
Official Stream Twitch: s
Official Stream Youtube: s
Match ID Game: 6
Music in Game: k
Music used is TheFatRat - Warrior Songs (DOTA 2 music pack) : U
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00:00 - Draft Pick
13:23 - Game Start

6 комментов

  1. Rickey
    QoP is strong against bat in lane but bat is a hard counter after lane. Her counters are hard lock down like bat and beast master. It's crazy to think that they knew he would probably get dumpstered in lane which would cause qop to potentially snowball, and still drafted for the mid/late game. On potentially their last game as well.
  2. Harrison
    The difference between playing a normal pos 1 vs last game

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