Dota2 — Team Secret vs. OG — Game 2 — Upper Bracket R1 — EU/CIS — ESL One Los Angeles

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  1. taulant paskali
    did someone try to write shift-enter gg at the end of the game or am i the only one...?
  2. Ragnar Lothbrok
    Only OG has the guts going on late game with that lineup. Foolish yet so smart. OG numbahwan
  3. KOS_Nova
    LD bringing the hype. Very cool to have him casting again
  4. Dota 2 Gameplay
    They need to make everyones ping 200 PING so tha t its all even. Make the code lag for EVERYONE
  5. C1
    Not a fan of this zoomed out camera angle. Just sayin. Especially for us who like to watch this stuff on mobile or a tablet. Hope this doesn’t last long. It’s not even needed. Half the screen is relevant, the other half observes litterally nothing

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